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Hillman Farm Skydiving: Your need-to-know before you go.

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Covering everything from how to get there to the weather and so much more!

two parachutes landing in paddock with open barn in background
The Skydive School | Skydiving at Hillman Farm

Bravehearts have been skydiving at Hillman Farm since1975 when the Hillman Farm Skydiving Club was established. Claiming fame as the longest continually running skydiving club in Australia, the community-minded dropzone on private farmland remains true to its roots as a club run by true-blue skydivers. It's a tight-knit crew, but also welcoming and dedicated to sport safety and progression. The Skydive School is humbled and honoured to call Hillman Farm our home and training dropzone.

A group of skydivers pose for photo
The Skydive School | Hillman Farm Skydiving
Getting to Hillman Farm Skydiving Club

Hillman Farm Skydiving is located 206 kilometres from the Perth CBD. Get yourself to the Albany Highway via Armadale. Of course, there are various ways to get to Armadale - it totally depends where you are starting from. Head south on the Albany Highway and go to the country town of Williams. This is your last chance for snacks or any items you may have forgotten at home. But, it's only another 25 minutes to the farm so going back to Williams is not a problem.

Just past the town centre, take a right onto Pinjarra-Williams Road for about 6 kms, then left onto Williams-Darkan Road. Travel for 22kms before taking a left onto Dardadine Road, then right onto Hillman-Dardadine Road.

Keep watch for signs for HILLMAN FARM SKYDIVING. You'll soon come to a farm gate, which you will have to open for yourself. Once through the gate, head left and in less than a minute, you'll see the caravans and hangar. ALWAYS close the gate behind you.

TIP: Set your Google Maps app to The Skydive School or Hillman Farm Airport and you'll have no issues getting to Hillman Skydiving.

A yellow sign of a spread eagle wearing a frap hat
The Skydive School | Hillman Farm Skydiving Club Logo

Staying at Hillman Farm

The great thing about skydiving at Hillman Farm is the complimentary accommodation and camping spaces. If you have a self-contained van or caravan, park up. If you have a swag or tent, find a shady or sunny spot and set up camp.

Don't have any of that? No worries, there's a no-frills bunkhouse and shower block. Bring your own linen and towels because this is a skydiving club and school, not The Hilton. Frequent guests of the bunkhouse love the wood-burning stove that keeps it toasty warm in winter.

Please bring your own food and use the clubhouse kitchen, or your own facilities, to prepare meals as food service is not always available. BYO alcohol is not permitted in or around the clubhouse.

Housekeeping Quick Facts:

DZ open: Thursday - Sunday

Aircraft: Caravan

Best phone service: Telstra Wifi: No

Pets: Dogs are not allowed on the dropzone. Please leave pets at home.

Sauna: Yes

Shower/Toilet blocks: Yes

Tea/Coffee: Complimentary (instant only)

Aircraft overhead of 2 linked skydivers
The Skydive School | AFF Learn to Skydive
Learning to Skydive at Hillman Farm

At The Skydive School we proudly deliver a comprehensive and personal learn to skydive AFF course. Your course begins with an online home-study guide that covers the fundamentals of skydiving and safety.

When you arrive at Hillman Farm for your in-class First Jump Course, you will be armed with knowledge to assist you during the expanded face-to-face course, revisions, and practical assessments. Then, bring on the skydiving!

Skydive Instructor Services

The Skydive School offers a range of instructor services for all your learning to skydive and sport progression wants and needs.

After completing the AFF course, there is still much learning to do (it never ends, actually). From b-rel coaching, freefly mentoring, star crest weekends, canopy camps, and wingsuiting tips, and lots more, we've got you covered.

If you've been grounded for an extended time and want to get back in the air, we can help you with that too. Collectively, The Skydive School and Hillman Farm Skydiving Club is a welcoming community committed to sport retention. Come join the fun!

Blue aircraft with many skydivers ready to board
The Skydive School | All Aboard The Caravan

Unlike many dropzones in Australia, Hillman Farm Skydiving Club is a sport-only and training dropzone. What this means is, it's primarily for solo skydiving (no tandems). So, aircraft loads are full of guys and gals jumping for the sport and fun of it. Training and progressing. Coaching and mentoring. Shits and giggles.

If you're keen on angles, belly-flying, wingsuiting, head up, head down - any free-flying, you've come to the right spot.

Visiting Jumpers

Visiting Perth and want to jump at Hillman Farm? You're more than welcome to join the fun. Please remember to bring your certification and your up-to-date logbook. In order to skydive in Australia, you must be a member of the Australian Parachute Federation (APF). We can help you do that upon arrival at the dropzone.

If you have not jumped in awhile, you may have to sign up for The Skydive School's Instructor Services and become a student again. This will be assessed by the Chief Instructor.

And if you don't have your own rig or are not travelling with it, don't worry, we do gear hire.

It's always a good idea to let us know when you're coming. Drop us an email at with the subject VISITING JUMPER.

The Weather at Hillman Farm

Situated inland on mostly flat pastures, Hillman Farm Airport enjoys a fairly balanced mix of great weather. Think balmy, clear sky summers that are cool in the mornings and evenings. And most of autumn is much the same (though certainly gets cooler in May).

Once winter hits, it's on with the beanies and Merino wool layers. We get most of our rain in late autumn, winter and spring and as the old saying goes, "you can't predict the weather".

If conditions are unsuitable for skydiving, we go "on hold" and wait for blue skies.

Become a Member of Hillman Farm Skydiving Club

Did you know you can become a member of Hillman Farm Skydiving Club? It's true, and although it's not a requirement to skydive at Hillman, it is a sign of your solidarity and love for this epic skydiving community. Like most sporting clubs, holding a membership comes with prestige and benefit.

Members do not have to pay the $10 per day DZ fee (B-certified jumpers and above only) and also enjoy discounts off merchandise and priority registration of events like Sheepfest and Mumbles!

A colour caravan with lots of skydivers at Mumbles
The Skydive School | Mumbles Burning Van Skydive Boogie
Mumbles at Hillman Farm: WA's Best Skydiving Boogie

Mumbles Burning Van is an annual Hillman Farm skydiving boogie that honours its namesake, Mark "Mumbles" Kirby and all fallen skydivers.

It's a celebration of life and the lives lost to the sport. Essentially, it's a shit-tonne of skydiving over five days, two caravans, crazy antics, day tapes, and one hellava end party complete with dancing around a mega burning van bonfire. Participants must hold a B class or above certificate.

2023 commemorates the 40th anniversary of Mark's death.

Save the date for Mumbles Burning Van 2023: September 20 - 25, 2023.

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