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At The Skydive School, we love to teach everything about skydiving and our aim is to retain skydivers in the sport, not live in fancy mansions or sip champagne (beer will do). But skydiving is a pricey sport and we understand how important it is to know the costs upfront. 

So, save up your coins and come jump with us! 

AFF Learn to Skydive Solo Course

This is where it all starts! The AFF Learn to Skydive Solo Course teaches you the fundamentals of skydiving. The Skydive School's 10-stage accelerated free-fall (AFF) course begins on a Thursday at Hillman Farm Skydiving Club. We aim to have your AFF course completed over four days. Skydiving is a weather-related sport so conditions must be ideal for students, and progression from stage to stage depends on your performance.  Our AFF course begins with our First Jump Course Online Home-Study Guide, which is sent to you after paying a $750 deposit. 

The Skydive School AFF Course  = $3190 AUD


Gear Hire & Packing

Until you invest in your own gear, you'll need to hire a rig (parachute),  altimeter, helmet, and jumpsuit (until you have 100+ jumps).  Because our parachute systems are designed for students, all hired rigs need to be packed by a professional packer who holds a  Packer B accreditation.

Rig Hire* = $30 per jump or $100 per day (more than 3 jumps)
*includes altimeter, helmet & jumpsuit

Professional Parachute Packing = $15 


B-rel Coaching

Once you're finished your AFF course, you can work towards your A and B class certifications. To achieve B class, you must perform all the requirements of the B Class Table with the help of a B-rel coach. 

B-rel coaching for The Skydive School AFF students* = $185

B-rel coaching for non-The Skydive School students* = $225

*includes jump tickets ( for you and the coach), gear hire and packing services.


Instructor Services

The Skydive School offers instructor services  for re-evaluations, re-currencies, or confidence-building. The service required depends on your certification status, skill-set, how many years in the sport, and the last time you've jumped. Your requirements will be assessed by the Chief Instructor.

Single Instructor* = $305 per jump

*includes jump tickets (for you and instructor), gear hire and packing services.

Get Back Into Skydiving Package** = $500

**includes First Jump Course Online-Home Study Guide, in-class (at drop zone) revision and testing of the First Jump Course, jump tickets (for you and instructor/s) for one jump, gear hire and packing services. 


Freefly Coaching

Skydiving at Hillman Farm includes lots of freeflying (and lots of fun). To begin freeflying, you must hold a B Class Certificate.  Learning to freefly can be fast-tracked with the help of a coach. 

Freefly Coaching* = $150

*includes jump tickets (for you and the coach)


Jump Tickets

Buying jump tickets are a requirement for skydiving at Hillman Farm and after your AFF stage six, you'll be able to purchase single jump tickets and hop aboard for a solo jump (an instructor is required onboard if you are not a certified skydiver). 

Hop n pop (from 5,000 feet) = $35 each

Height (14,000 feet) = $50 each

All prices are subject to change. 

Cash is king. Service Charges apply to EFTPOS/Credit Card Payments.

All prices are Australian dollar. 

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