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The Skydive School is an independent education and training facility near Perth, Western Australia. We provide skydiving instruction, including AFF and online skydive courses, focus weekends, and progression camps for sport and commercial skydivers.

Mission Statement:

To provide a solid foundation of core procedures and principles that will contribute to the depth of skydiving knowledge in the community. 

Paul Morton
Chief Instructor

Over 20 years in skydiving and 17,000-plus jumps, Paul is leading from the front as our Chief Instructor.


Darragh Flynn
Operations Manager

Super passionate and dedicated skydiver with over 3000 skydives,

Darragh loves creating involvement for all levels of skydivers.


Tai Morton
School Photographer

A ridiculously good photog and keen recreational pilot, Tai has the distinction of being The Skydive School's inaugural graduate.


Job interviews
We're Hiring!
School Scribe

We're looking for a content creator! Must have extensive knowledge of the skydiving industry, and preferably be a certified skydiver (or willing to become one!). Drop us an email if you think you've got the chops. 

Max Fan
B-rel Coach

His drive to skydive began while still  in high school and now, Max is our first official B-rel coach helping novice jumpers progress in the sport.


The Skydive School coach Jake Stacy Tai Morton Photog.jpg
Jake Stacy
Freefly Coach

A high-voltage electrician during the week and a free-flying freak on the weekends, Jake will teach you to shred in the sky.


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