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The Skydive School Drop Zone

Hillman Farm Airport

Darkan, WA

Tel. 0498 100 242


Classes and training:

Thursday to Sunday.

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  • Is skydiving an expensive sport?
    Well, skydiving is certainly not cheap. After learning to skydive and obtaining your 'A' certification, you'll probably want to buy your first rig (parachute) and all the accessories that are needed to be a solo skydiver (helmet, digital altimeter, jumpsuit, goggles/glasses....the list goes on). For these you may reasonably expect to pay up to $10,000 But don't despair. All of these things can be purchased second-hand or hired at The Skydive School. Once you're a certified skydiver with your own gear, a slot (seat on the plane) costs about $50 per flight to 14,000ft and your Australian Parachute Federation annual membership is renewed every June.
  • Can anyone learn how to skydive?
    Once you find the right teacher, learning to skydive is possible for most people. Our instructors are experienced, patient, and committed to helping humans step away from their comfort (or uncomfortable) zone and into the unknown. Into the open air - a place where you're free to fly and embrace real freedom. Take the challenge and find out!
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